It seems like Ellen DeGeneres is determined to have Hillary Clinton do every popular dance possible when the presidential hopeful appears on her show. Previously, Clinton did the "Nae Nae" dance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Now, she's taking to dabbing.

The whole thing is just as awkward as you could possibly imagine. As Fetty Wap blares over the speakers, actor/dancer Stephen "tWitch" Boss shows the former First Lady and Ellen how to dab. Clinton has one of those "What do I do with my hands?" moments as she holds them in a strange position. She then proceeds to dab in an incredibly clumsy way. The whole thing is a mess and makes you wonder what Clinton's handlers are thinking.

It's hard not to think about what exactly Hillary Clinton's staff believes things like this will accomplish. It's not making her more relatable or connecting with young voters by doing a popular dance. All things like this do is cause everyone watching to cringe and make Clinton seem desperate to build some type of rapport with a younger voting base.

Moments like these are when you see why a candidate like Bernie Sanders, despite his age, is gathering a strong youth following. A lot of support has come from the hip-hop community too, most notably from the always vocal Killer Mike. An honest presentation of yourself can go a long way towards gathering organic support. Hopefully, Clinton does more of that instead of obvious pandering like this.

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