The Migos continue to impress talk show hosts both day and night with the extravagance of their lifestyle, a new video showing the group backstage with Ellen DeGeneres as they discuss the many racks they tote. When the trio appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last month, the late night host marveled at how much weed they were able to smoke, saying, "I want to congratulate you, I’ve never smelled more pot in our building. You set the record."

In the clip below, the group stand with DeGeneres in the halls of her day time talk show, unloading a staggering amount of cash. "Say $100,000?" Ellen asks. "Now what will you buy with that, most likely, tonight?" In January, Migos said that they would be happy to teach Ellen how to dab properly, and it looks like they're going to get their chance.

As the group promotes their new album Culture, they are continuously seeing new doors open. Late last month, Quality Control boss Pierre “Pee” Thomas told The New York Times that the group couldn't book any late night gigs until Donald Glover gave them a shout out at the Golden Globes. “They gave all kinds of excuses—not the right time, it’s not this, it’s not that,” he said. “As soon as Donald Glover did that, the next day, all the people who had just denied us wanted them on their show.”

Just yesterday, it was announced that the trio had signed a deal with Motown/Capitol Records as an extension of the label's deal with Quality Control.

After debuting at no. 1 on the Billboard 200, Culture has slipped just two spots to no. 3 in its second week. Watch the footage of Migos and Ellen chilling below.

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