Action Bronson has been working hard all year on multiple ventures in entertainment, but it looks like he's got a major Hollywood veteran as a fan of his Fuck, That's Delicious series on Viceland. Harrison Ford speaks with GQ for his cover story, where he reveals that he is a consistent viewer of the food show on the network.

When asking the interviewer if he's ever watched Vice, the Star Wars actor admits that he likes watching Fuck, That's Delicious, calling it "really, really interesting."

“Well, I met one of the correspondents at my son Malcolm's apartment," Harrison describes. “He was sleeping on the couch. Very, very smart guy. And so I started watching it, and it's really, really interesting. Some of it. Just, you know, a distracting and interesting glimpse into somebody else's world.”

Hilariously enough, the article also explains how Ford incorporates the show into his everyday life, including the actual conversation in the interview.

"Belatedly, Ford explains the reason for this discursion," the interviewer writes. "It was the frittata in front of him. 'I was just thinking, "Fuck, that's delicious,"' he clarifies. He's not done. There are very few subjects about which Harrison Ford easily volunteers information, but it turns out frittatas are one of them."

Being that Bronson is also a big movie fan himself, we're sure he'll be more than ecstatic to hear that he's gained a fan like Harrison Ford. It sounds like the actor might want to pick up a copy of the New York MC's new cookbook as well.

Read Harrison Ford's full interview with GQ, and be sure to check out Action Bronson's upcoming tour dates to see him when he's in your city.

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