One-half of the famed EPMD duo-with Erick Sermon, Parrish Smith turns 49 today (May 13). The Long Island native, better known by his moniker PMD (Parrish Making Dollars) has been a respected a figure since stepping in with his rap counterpart on 1988's tour de force Strictly Business. While alongside Sermon, EPMD would go on to release six group albums-most notably 1989's Unfinished Business, 1990's Business as Usual and 1992's Business Never Personal.

Despite their group success, the two would split twice during their over 20 year spanning career. Within those breakups, Parrish released a few solo albums including 1994's Shade Business, 1996's Business Is Business, 2003's The Awakening and 2017's Business Mentality. 30 years in, and PMD still rhymes like a champ. Salute to a real one.

As he celebrates his birthday today, XXL wishes PMD a very happy G day. Salute!—XXL Staff

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