Today, April 11, is the 44th birthday of Mississippi MC/producer/actor David Banner!

Banner first made his mark in 1999 as one-half of the Crooked Lettaz duo and later in 2000 released his critically-praised independent debut, Them Firewater Boyz, Vol. 1. including guests appearances from the likes of N.O.R.E., Ras Kass, Bone Crusher, Pimp C and more. After signing a major deal with Universal Records, he'd go on to release four studio albums (Mississippi: The Album, MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water, Certified, and The Greatest Story Ever Told) and garner a couple top 50 charted singles along the way ("Like A Pimp," "Play," "Get Like Me," etc.)

Though he's an MC, his talents doesn't stop just there as Banner's produced tracks for the likes of T.I. ("Rubbaband Man") , Lil Wayne and Young Money ("Streets Is Watchin'," "La La"), and more. Aside from rapping and producing, he's also composed film scores and commercials—such as Gatorade's 2010 "Evolve" campaign— and also dabbled in the acting business, snagging roles in films like Black Snake Moan (2007), The Experiment (2010), David Banner (2010) and a couple others. Banner was inducted into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame in 2011, has been one of the more vocal rappers in the Black Lives Matter movement and other social causes.

His most recent album is 2017's The God Box. It also came with a booklet with art and lyrics for every song on the project.

Happy G Day, Banner!

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