Between the crafting of a new project, creating a cell phone game and appearing in the latest season of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Gunplay is a really busy guy these days. But he's not too busy to stop by XXL for the latest edition of Views.

Speaking on everything from cryptocurrency to hip-hop crews, Gunplay gives us a breakdown of what's what in terms of his opinion. One of those opinions has to do with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, who both welcomed their baby daughter, Stormi, on Feb. 1. Gunplay, who's a father to a teenage son, is happy for the new parents, and he's even served up his own belated baby shower gift: his advice on fatherhood.

"My advice to Travis Scott on being a new dad is enjoy it," Gunplay tells XXL, keeping things nice and simple. "Enjoy it like, it's dope. Don't miss no shit, ’cause that's, trust me, I've missed a lotta shit, you know what I'm saying? Don't miss shit, man. Them lil' muthafuckas is the dopest muthafuckas. I'm telling you dog, trust me."

Shortly afterwards, Gunplay gives his take on fatherhood in hip-hop. Pointing to someone like DJ Khaled as a sort of model of rap game fatherhood, Gunplay sees nothing but positivity when it comes to rappers taking on the responsibilities of a loving parent.

"It's good for hip-hop, because we come from urban areas where, you know, the fathers is not around," Gunplay explains. "They either in two places. You know what I'm saying? So, it's a lot of single mothers."

Check out Gunplay's views on Travis Scott being a new dad, fatherhood in hip-hop, crews in the rap game and cryptocurrency below. Listen to his new song "My Phone" when you're done.


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