The first time I ever heard the name, Glasses Malone it was behind the Game and Big Fase 100 breakup. Since then I’ve heard some of his material here and there and it wasn’t half bad. It was actually poppin’. But my West Coast homie would only send me so much. So when this 2010 mixtape dropped I was eager to see what G. Malone had in store for the kids.

The homie from Watts did something that should’ve been done by a West Coast artist: he took all of Dr. Dre’s best beats and created his own sound over them (Maybe it was done before, but never brought to my attention). And I have to say I was hella impressed with money.

His rough voice and G’d up flow went lovely over Andre Young’s production. From ripping “Nuthin’ But a G Thing” talking about, “That’s how we do shit/brand new shit/we don’t do 5’s, we do 6/We on the block with sweepers, not broom sticks,” to “Lil Ghetto Rapper” were son spits, “Why don’t you come hang out? Nah, niggas can’t/you only smoke Reggie Bush, shit, y’all niggas saints/I live that picture, y’all bitch niggas paint,” son just put the love on these tracks.

And it’s pretty evident that G-Loc ain’t apologizing for his gangsta and lets everyone know he gets it in over Dre’s “Been There Done That” instrumental on “Fucc Yo Hood.” Talk about disrespectful, this man said, “Fuck yo hood (and your dead homies).” Goddamn! This is the new Tin Man, dude got no heart! He’s cold as hielo!

Even some of his homies did them on “Knock His Head Off,” “Drug Game Kingz” and “Just Get Money.”

Now is it me or does it seem like everybody coming out of L.A. has that gruff sounding voice poppin’ off? The Game, Jay Rock and G. Malone. They all sound like their voice boxes were buffed with a sander. It’s probably that dope Cali Kush I keep hearing about.

With 2010, G demonstrated just how nasty he is on the mic. Taking Dre’s best and being able to get it in on those joints is no easy task. But Malone delivered like Karl and from the looks of things, this is just a sign of big things to come. With those witty metaphors, clever rhymes, grungy voice and versatile flow, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Glasses Malone is about to be banned from boarding commercial flights… son’s about to blow.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Let Me Ride”

Weakest Joint: “Cali Love”