United Kingdom based blog Grime and Lime has been doing God's work by finding, ripping and posting classic mixtapes from a time when tapes were sold hand-to-hand in bodegas and on downtown street corners. The latest rip is a 1982 personalized mix from Grandmaster Flash dedicated to someone named Money Mike.

In the opening of the mix, Flash makes a disclaimer saying, "Mike, got to tell you man, no copies, no duplicates, no lend outs for any reason in any form or fashion. Thank you, man." As the bassline to The O'Jays' "For the Love of Money" plays in the background, the legendary DJ makes a few more announcements before jumping right into the Furious Five's "The Message," which was also released in 1982. Hopefully enough time has passed that Flash won't be upset that other people now have their hands on the mix.

Download the two-part mix via Grime and Lime.

Back in 2014XXL caught up with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and he explained that the internet and social media has helped keep his name and work alive as the years pass by.

"Social media is totally important. I can easily be forgotten for what I’ve done but social media will keep people from forgetting what I do," he said. "If you come from the early beginning, people can easily forget what you’ve done."

With an old-school mixtape now floating around, hopefully it means that we are about to get hit with a back catalog of unreleased and unheard Grandmaster Flash mixtapes.

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