Nothing like a two-hour dance party in an igloo to end the weekend. For those who managed to crawl out of bed and brave the snowy trek to MoMA PS1 in Queens last night, DMV rapper GoldLink, his DJ Kidd Marvel and special guest Sango warmed the bones on a chilly evening.

Ever since his debut project, The God Complex, dropped in April 2014, GoldLink has been on a nonstop crusade to spread the “future bounce” movement. Fresh off tour with Aaron Jerome’s SBTRKT, the quick-witted MC seemed right at home in New York. Although this wasn’t his first appearance to MoMA PS1, it was his first time performing with producer Sango on an NYC stage.

The venue for the event, the Dome at MoMA PS1, is basically a heated, tricked-out igloo and GoldLink nearly melted the place. After a half hour warmup from Sango, 'Link jumped on the small stage in jeans and a Budweiser tee and proclaimed, “We gonna get sanctified this Sunday.” As per his instruction, the crowd bounced with every beat, took video of the brightly-colored facemasks that have become his trademark projected above and tried to keep up with 'Link’s quick-tongued verses and sprawling dance moves.

Opening up with “Bedtime Stories” into “Ay Ay,” 'Link and juked across the stage and played the role of his own hype man with ease. Jumping back and forth between God Complex favorites and newer releases, everyone partied with the bass-heavy “Paradise Awaits” but still made time for rap roots with “Hip-Hop Interlude.”

Towards the later half of his set, a sweat-drenched 'Link brought up Virginia Beach’s D.R.A.M to perform his own single, “Cha Cha,” before surprising the enamored audience with two new songs.

“We in New York, I might as well whip some new shit out,” said GoldLink, looking back at Kidd Marvel for the co-sign. No word yet on the names of his two new pieces, but the second song mellowed out the room to make way for the introspective verses of “When I Die.”

Calling the time, 'Link put the key in the ignition to start up his last song, his latest SoundCloud release “Vroom,” which samples Missy Elliott. But of course, before he left he had to show love to Sango, who produced 2014’s “Wassup.” With Sango present, 'Link and his whole team partied on the packed stage.

“Who wanna dance battle a real nigga?” 'Link then asked from the DJ booth, which predictably prompted every member of the first two rows to jump on stage. When crusading for a new genre-blending type of electro-dance-rap, it can take a minute for people to catch the beat. Especially when an artist keeps quiet (aside from the music) and is pretty much a ghost on social media. But the sold out show at MoMA’s Sunday Session and the Boiler Room TV live stream proved that this DMV native is gaining more steam than ever. And he’s partying the whole way through.

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