Fame can do funny things to relationships, and GoldLink's career as a globe trotting rapper has put a strain on at least one in his new song "Rough Soul" featuring April George. Produced by Kintaro of The Internet, the uptempo track shows Link bopping from city to city as he raps about being L.A. and then the homeland, all the while speaking to an unknown girl whom he says he met last June.

While GoldLink's bars at times tail off here, his speech becoming warped, a few lines make the themes of the track clear. On the verse, he raps, "Fell in love at the wrong time/Spent a night at my high rise/Or hit me late on my hotline." George on the hook brings things into clear focus, the romance GoldLink references too fleeting to really enjoy. "Girl you're gone now/And oh baby/Don't call me, don't call me no more," she sings.

On the second verse, Link is back to being single, rapping, "Real nigga went back to the pimpin/Started getting groovy with the women I was hittin’/Got a gold chain and a nose ring and new watch/No tick but I always been on time, yeah."

Listen to the new track up top, what is the latest music drop from the D.C. rapper since "Fall in Love" with Ciscero last month.

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