Making your show memorable is always a good habit for a rapper to get into. Whether it be your energy, a gimmick or a dope DJ backing you, giving the audience an unforgettable experience should be the principal goal. GoldLink—DMV rapper and newly minted 2015 XXL Freshman—accomplished that last night (June 10) at SOBs in New York City.

After working with Rick Rubin, receiving the XXL cosign and kicking off his first headlining tour in Brooklyn the night before, millennials from all over New York lined up outside Sounds of Brazil yesterday to see what the buzz was about.

Chaz French treated the crowd to his own brand of hype tracks. French delivered around 15 minutes of savage screams, sweat and adrenaline, performing songs like "The Shit" and the Eddie Vanz-assisted "Erryday Stuntin'" off his 2014 debut EP,

After Chaz French left the stage and Lakim tore up the venue with an amazing DJ set, the Chocolate City MC's resident DJ, Kidd Marvel, fed off the crowd's energy, spinning everything from old school Missy Elliott to Rae Sremmurd, all in-conjunction with crazy future bounce beats. "The energy was crazy," said Marvel, "it went up, it went way more smooth than [last night]." By 11 p.m., the house was packed to the backbar yet not quite at max capacity, leaving room to dance. Around 11:30 p.m., the man of the hour hopped on stage dressed in what appeared to be a life jacket. Don't worry, we'll get back to that later.

Running through his catalog of bangers from his debut projec The God Complex, the rapid rhymer seemed to build up the crowd's exuberance with every breathe. GoldLink delivered bass heavy versions of "Planet Paradise," "Sober Thoughts" "Ay Ay," and "Hip-Hop Interlude" before taking a dance break with his front row.

Usually known for rocking venues way larger than SOB's, 'Link found the closer setting to be a refresher.

"Smaller venues are more intimate because you can actually connect with almost every person in the room," said the 22-year-old youngster. "You can try to move everybody in harmony more easily."

Towards the end of the his set, after he mellowed out the crowd with "When I Die" and his newest track "Dance On Me," 'Link pulled Chaz French and his whole Squaaash Club up on stage to premiere a new unnamed song. To celebrate the occasion, the guys sprayed water and threw around inflatable floaty toys (The life jacket makes more sense now, right?).