Do I have to tell y'all that 'Da Incredible Rap Team' hit stores yesterday? Shout to all the internets that actually bought the retail. All none of you. This is one of the reasons that the t.I.'s that run Harris don't give this site any respect. The know that the constituency doesn't come up off that money for retail entertainment consumption.

Niggas go to multiplexes and sit through three pictures. Niggas is even sending the new movies via torrent so no one has to actually leave the house anymore. That shit makes me mad too because Heltah Skeltah's new album is like the third best album of 2008.

  • 'Rising Down - The Roots
  • '808's & Heartbreak - 'Ye Tudda
  • 'D.I.R.T. - Heltah Skeltah
  • 'Untitled'* - NaS
  • 'L.A.X.' - The Game
  • *Wale's CD would have been above NaS' lbum but mixtapes don't count, only studio albums.

    Did you buy ANY of those albums? By you not buying a single one of those albums you have prevented me from buying them as well. Without your support of that god music the t.I.'s at Harris will not give me any of the money I need for my various habits. One of which is music appreciation, and another of which is alcohol.

    What mental hangup do you fools have with buying yourself a fucking CD once every quarter? You dudes are pitiful. At least you have CD's now. I came up in the game with cassettes. The best you coul hope for was to go over your mans-n-'ems crib with the twin cassette player and you would have one of those shiny new metal cassettes.

    Times change, the future comes around and you can buy a motherfuckers music on iTunes.

    So with all of this new technology ahead of us you would think that maybe the music industry would do the right thing and start releasing new CD's on an illuminati chip. That's the national RFID card being implanted into people's brains. I like that shit because I don't need any headphones anymore to hear my shit. I stayed losing those little foam covers that went over the earbuds.

    I'm not saying that buying CD's now will save your ass because it won't. Jermaine Dupri told me that all you downloaders are the reason why the global mortgage crisis jumped off. Speaking of DL'ers... Would someone get me a "press review copy" of L.A.X.

    You know where to find me.