Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill confirms that he has stage four pancreatic cancer.

In a TMZ video posted today (May 1), Bushwick Bill, born Richard Stephen Shaw, reveals how he found out about the mass growing on his pancreas. The diagnosis came in early February after doctors discovered a mass on the rapper's pancreas. They seemed certain that the mass wasn’t caused by any disease, alcohol or illegal substance.

"It was just crazy to find out that Pancreatic cancer isn't detected until it's in the fourth or fifth stage," Bushwick tells the celebrity news site. "I've been keeping it to myself but I'm getting ready to tell Scarface, Willie D and I've only told close family members."

The 52-year-old claims that it hasn't helped him much to keep things to himself. He also asserts that he's not afraid of dying and only has plans to live and enjoy life. The Geto Boys rapper has started chemotherapy to treat his cancer, but hasn’t fully reaped the benefits of the treatments as of yet.

Bushwick Bill joined Texas-based rap group the Geto Boys back in 1986 as a dancer previously known as Little Billy. Eventually, Billy evolved into Bushwick Bill and became an integral part of the group alongside Willie D and Scarface. Bill appears on all the Geto Boys album since their debut album Making Trouble in 1988 and has even dropped a handful of solo albums including his 2010 project My Testimony of Redemption.

Watch Bushwick Bill's announcement below.

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