Game exchanged some words with the paparazzi Monday night after leaving Tru Nightclub in Los Angeles with Khloe Kardashian. Soon after, rumors were flying that Game and Khloe might be in a relationship. But as Game told XXL the two go way back and are just friends:

"Naw, you know me from being a fan, I am not sleeping with Khloe. What people don’t know is that, it was about me and five of my homeboys, we had a house and Khloe was our roommate. She was with us in the house, was nobody knocking her down, she was just like a tomboy and when we was younger, when I first signed to Dre, that was my clubbing partner, we always went out. Now, as the years passed and she grew up and the Kardashians blew up and she married LO [Lamar Odom], we still maintained our same friendship. Khloe is real, she’s 100, if you talk to her, she'll talk to you like a dude and you be like damn, she cool as hell. But yea, that’s my home girl man. I got a lot of love for her"

The West Coast MC also addressed the paparazzi incident:  "I don’t like the extra extra paparazzi shit. Don’t do that shit when I'm around," he said. "They [paparazzi] try to be slick cause they know that we’re celebrities, and it's like a payday, but if you really trying to get a $100,000 from Game, I'm going to really break your motherfucking nose. So that you really earn your chips."

In the end, Game said he was just coming to the defense of his friend. "It's not like I'm walking up to paparazzi and swatting at them and yelling at them." he said "They bring it to you and are a little bit inappropriate sometime with what they ask, and that shit makes people mad—anybody would get mad at that, anybody would if they was in the same position."