I’m not trying to hate on the Moses bearded MC, but honestly, who’s been checking for Freeway lately? Even when he was on a 900 hotline with Jay and Bleek or rocking the mic with Beans, dudes would rarely use his name in sentences that included words like “hot” or “dope.” His name was used more frequently in sentences that had words like “OD beard,” “Cassidy bodied him,” and “Rick Rubin’s illegitimate son.” I personally – and almost every dude I know – wasn’t a fan of his whining style. It annoyed me on "1-900-Hustler" and on every joint he did thereafter.

But guys would listen to his records because he was part of the Roc Dynasty. Naturally his already fickle fan base declined even more when the Roc split and Jay and Beans stopped making records with him. Even a co-sign from 50 Cent wasn’t enough to make heads give him another chance. But in all fairness, by then Fif was co-signing Ma$e…Yeah. That pretty much shot any co-sign credibility 50 had left.

So in an effort to rebuild a buzz for himself, this past month Freeway’s been dropping a new joint everyday and I have to keep it 100, each joint has been just as hot or hotter than the last. Mostly in part because he’s partially abandoned the Terrell “He’s my Quarterback, man” Owen’s whining and crying style, but also because he’s stepped up his rap game something horribly. If you doubt what I’m saying just give Month of Madness a listen. From his rhyme patterns, lyrics and his differentiating flows, Freeway’s been on a hot streak that hasn’t been seen since the 95-96 Chicago Bulls (Why did Mike make a comeback with the Wizards!? Why?!).

Son spitting lines like, “See no evil, it makes a big difference/if you do the desert eagle’ll leave you in fetal position/people don’t listen till they missin’ – limbs and other body parts, now they all bitchin’/you rappers tryin’ to get on, tryin’ to perform – diss me, the shotty pop off at your audition/rap star, every bar sick ‘N/ ya'll people need to pay attention/watch, listen, look!!” (“Look Around”). As clever as it is entertaining and threatening. Gotta love that.

You can hear more clever lines and nasty flows on “NP Finest,” “Doing Anything,” “Really Rouch Out Here,” “Tell You Something” – man, I can give you the whole track list and have you choose for your own damn self. Each joint had a different sound and were so off the meatrack that Month of Madness could be sold next to shell steaks and veal chops at Western Beef.

To be honest I was ready to hate on this man’s product all month, but he didn’t give me anything to hate on. And I’ll hate on anyone who isn’t mentally challenged. But Freeway’s ascended to a level that only a few of your favorite MCs on the radio are on. Freeway’s on some next sh*t. He sounds more aggressive on his tracks. He sounds more hungry to prove a point than he did before. But as this game will let you know, first impressions go a long way and if he wants to get back to relevance, the Philly rapper has his work cut out for him. I for one will be rooting for this man. His product right now is Kush compared to these ringtone rappers Skunk. If him and Cass were to go for Round 2, then I’d have to put my money on Free. That’s how much I believe in Free right now.

Hottest Joint: Just too many to choose from, but if I had to then I’d say "Street Music"

Weakest Joint: "Get It Started"