Freddie Gibbs and Jeezy have not been on good terms since they’ve gone their separate ways. In late 2012, Gibbs left CTE and told various media outlets the split was because of business reasons. Nearly two years later, Gangsta Gibbs has been relentless in his disdain for Jeezy, taking every opportunity to let the rap world know where they stand. Just when things have cooled down a bit, Gibbs took to Twitter last December and threw a few more jabs at Da Snowman. Although he didn’t confirm or deny if a diss track was coming out, Gibbs does promise one more shot in the barrel before he’s officially done with his rival.

But there’s still a side of Gibbs that wants to end the hostility. While XXL has watched their beef unfold, Gibbs won’t stop until the Atlanta trapstar offers up an apology. During our phone conversation last week—which also revealed that he's working on a new album—Gibbs dropped game on his life after CTE, why he’s still going at Jeezy’s neck, and how his uncensored behavior is similar to the late Pimp C. Lay it down. Eric Diep

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On Life After CTE:
Freddie Gibbs: "I definitely evolved out of it. It was just growing pains, grown mistakes. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of something in the music industry. When you go to the team in the NBA, you think that team is going to win the championship, but they don’t. I’m pretty sure when Mike Vick went to the Eagles, he probably thought he’d be in the Super Bowl right now. He didn’t think Nick Foles would be starting and he’d be on the bench, on the way out.

"Everything don’t work out the way you plan. It is what it is. You live and you learn. I learned a lot from that situation. Right now, I am in a real positive place with my music. I’m getting bread. I’m cool, man. I am living a good life off of rap. I can’t really complain. I don’t gotta do the same things that I used to to feed myself. When I made 'National Anthem,' my nigga, I was still selling crack and drugs and shit. When I was on that XXL cover, you best believe I was still in the dope game. You know what I'm saying? Like, heavy. I didn’t have no label. I didn’t even know why the fuck y’all wanted me there. I was like, 'Okay, cool.' I was going with the flow. I was doing whatever I had to do to survive even then. I was still...a nigga still robbing and all kind of shit. Back then, I was still in the trenches and didn’t get all the way out until recently. I got a company now, I’m established. I don’t have to do the same things that I had to do to make money."

Read on for more about Gibbs' beef with Jeezy and why he feels like Pimp C


On Why He's Still Going After Jeezy:
"Honestly, I can give two fucks about Jeezy. I ain’t got nothing to prove to Jeezy. From a rap standpoint, I gotta say what’s going on. I gotta say how I feel. If I don’t like a motherfucker, I’m not about to act like I like a motherfucker. For the media, I ain’t about to act like I like a motherfucker. For this fake ass Hollywood shit, I’m not doing that. I flat out don’t fuck with dude. He a liar. That is what it is. To me, it’s not real. Until you formally make that shit right with me...all the motherfucker gotta do is [say], “My bad, Gibbs.” But, motherfuckers act like I am crazy or some shit. I’m not about to make the media make me think I am crazy. I am not about to let motherfuckers trick me into [thinking], “Oh man, why are you doing that?” That’s how I feel about that punk ass nigga, and any other rap nigga that I got a motherfucking issue with. I’ma motherfuckin’ put they ass on blast, nigga.

"I say shit when I want to say it, how I want to say it. Until I’m done talking about that shit, I'ma speak on it. I think I got one more shot to bust in that clip. When I bust that shit, it’s over with. However it come out, I talk shit about a motherfucker in an interview. I talk shit about a motherfucker on the radio. I talk shit about a motherfucker on TV. I talk shit about a motherfucker in a song. I don’t give a fuck. Like I said, man, all a motherfucker gotta do is be square with Gibbs. I am one of the easiest guys to deal with. I think I get the reputation that I am difficult to deal with because I dealt with so many pussy ass niggas in this industry. So that’s why I stick to myself. I don’t really deal with too many rap niggas and all that shit. Because at the end of the day, most of these niggas frauds. There’s niggas that I got songs with that I really don’t fuck with no more. These niggas, you just see their true colors."


On Comparing Himself To Pimp C:
"I never ask any of these niggas for a damn thing, my nigga. Don’t get that twisted. I’m not one of these niggas asking these niggas for no favors or anything. I never took nothing from nobody. I never took a dollar from Jeezy. I just told you, I was in the streets. I never took nothing from nobody. I never asked a nigga for a handout. Nobody. That ain’t my style. That ain’t my get down. It’s just like these niggas are weirdos. I feel like Pimp C. The way Pimp C felt about these niggas, that’s how I feel about him. He wasn’t barking for nothing. That shit is real. He got ridiculed for saying how he felt and it’s sad that he had to die after that. Motherfuckers always want to tell you now how you feel when it’s negative towards somebody that everybody love. 'Man, I love him. He can’t be like...' Man, fuck that. I don’t love that motherfucker like you. Love don’t live here no more."