Frank Ocean has made his way into high learning. A course about the crooner will be taught for the upcoming semester at the University of California, Berkeley.

The class is the brainchild of UC student, Preya Gill, and her roommate, Deborah Chang, who say they proposed the student-taught course and got the OK from administration. The upcoming class was revealed on Twitter along with a graphic of the artist. "I proposed a course on Frank Ocean @ UC Berkeley and it got approved," Gill posted. "Very stoked to be teaching it in the fall. Come sign up." According to the flyer, the course will be an "insight into the artistry" of Frank Ocean.

Gill and Chang, who are big fans of the Blonde singer, hope the course will take a philosophical dive into the Frank's music. "We want to encourage a deep literary exploration of his artistry both in lyrics and through his visuals and live performances," they told the Fader. "We hope to provide a safe environment where students can discuss his poetry and music with sensitivity, creative respect, and open-mindedness."

Frank isn't the only artist to have a college course in his honor recently. In 2017, Washington University offered a course on Kanye West.

Franks's course may have some new material to cover soon. Back in January, he hinted that he might be dropping new music later this year. Frank's last full-length project, Blonde, dropped back in 2016.

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