Frank Ocean instantly conquered the world when he shot to the top of the Billboard charts with two of his first three albums, and now he's headed to space. Well, not exactly, but according to his fellow superstar and occasional collaborator John Mayer, the "Thinking About You" performer's new music sounds like something out of this world.

Mayer said as much during a recent Instagram live stream session after one fan asked him to name his favorite Frank Ocean track. “Favorite Frank Ocean song? ‘Sweet Life,’” he said in response to what should've been a very difficult question to answer. He continued with an interesting insight into Frank's new music.

“And then he played me this song the other day... I won’t say the title, that's his business, but... He’s doing stuff right now that’s... talk about space reggae, future reggae, that’s Frank Ocean," Mayer explained.

Now, Frank's been into some pretty avante-garde stuff in the past, but this sounds interesting. He's got the vocal chops to do a lot of different things on tracks, but no one would've ever expected him to become a futuristic Bob Marley. We'll have to see how this pans out.

In other Frank Ocean-related news, the soulful crooner just appeared alongside Migos on Calvin Harris' new single, "Slide." You can check out the surprisingly seamless new collaboration for yourself here. You can see the video from Mayer's live stream below. The Frank Ocean bit comes in at around the 8:18 mark.

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