A bevy of artists have expressed their views concerning the shooting and killing of Michael Brown this week. Killer Mike voiced his disdain for the human race on Instagram, while J.Cole paid tribute to the young man, with "Be Free." Now, Frank Ocean has questions of his own surrounding the aftermath of his killing. He posted this caption on his tumblr.

You see that black woman standing up there? I wonder if she was called to stand behind the governor because she’s black. I wonder if i’m supposed to think Missouri’s gov’t is pro-black because of her being stood up there with those other black men being all black and everything. I wonder if she was off the clock while she stood up there. If she was off the clock..then i wonder if she was getting paid for her time off like the guy who shot Michael 8 times. What’s that guy’s name by the way?

Today, the name of the officer who shot and killed Brown, was revealed.