Detroit has some of the most straightforward rappers in the country; they call it how they see it and do it with their own style. FMB DZ, a 24-year-old rhymer from the city, mixes clever pop culture references with the reality of the street. This rising talent is becoming one of the most popular artists in his city and beyond. His 2017 project, Washington DZ, helped him break through; his album from this year, In My Bag, further solidified his spot. In his freestyle for XXL's What I Do series, he shows off just how he got so much buzz.

FMB DZ gets right to it with his verse. "Big bag of the blue thangs/Run off with a nigga bitch, yeah, Boonk gang," is what he opens with, a nod to a rapper and IG personality. "I ain't fuckin' with these rappers ’cause they too lame/Big brother meth man, no Wu-Tang."

Also, FMB DZ is getting checks: "Twenty-thousand, all 20s, that's loose change/If I don't have a good day, I have mood swangs/A lot of chicken in the spot, come and get a wing."

When asked why rappers from Detroit stick out so much, FMB DZ keeps it simple. "It might be the rawness in us," he tells XXL. "I'ma just speak for myself and the couple peers that I know, we keep it 100, nothing less nothing more. We don't try to fabricate too much or none of that. We try to keep it strictly and get straight to the point."

Catch FMB DZ's freestyle at the top of the post and check out his The Break interview for more info on his career.

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