Brooklyn has a long, storied past (and present) when it comes to hip-hop. Here, in 2018, there are newer names keeping the borough alive through their music and approach to the game. One act who fits under that umbrella is Flipp Dinero, who found himself signed to Cinematic Music Group, thanks to Joey Bada$$ believing in his talent. Flipp's catchy single ,"Leave Me Alone," blew up along the way, assisted by a video of New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. dancing to it.

Flipp's groundwork eventually led him to a deal with DJ Khaled's We The Best Music Group and Epic Records this year. Mix in his time on the road with Tory Lanez, performing at the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards and opening for a stop on Beyoncé and Jay Z's OTR II Tour and it becomes clear: Flipp Dinero is really making noise. Now, he's set some time aside to talk to XXL and freestyle for our new What I Do freestyle series.

Flipp's freestyle starts off on a serious, self-reflective point. "All I got is myself, strive to live proper on the road of sin and regret."

In the interview, he reveals that he has made sure his recent success hasn't gone to his head. "I pray every day," he tells XXL. "Despite my wrongs and the negatives I do, smokin' dope and the bitches, I always spiritually stay intact. I always thank God for the blessings I have. I never take 'em for granted. That's helped me a lot in my music."

As he begins to really dig into his freestyle, Flipp shares his thoughts on the ways of the world, including greed. "The govy throwing M's while the homeless starving to feed it/The homeless looking needy, the homeless starving, they need us." He then riffs on police brutality and what drives people to use guns. "They tell us drop the guns, but the police the ones proceeding, get to squeezin', they try to find our lives like it's meaning/Niggas coppin' grips they ain't too intact with they feelings/Attempt to seize the pain, keep emotions stuck to they ceilings."

"I feel like I'm a vessel," he shares. "When I die, I wanna say my meaning of life, I was utilized as a vessel to help better other people. To put a smile on other people's faces, to help other people feel okay."

With his GuaLa See GuaLa EP out since March and his new song "Wanna Ball" featuring Jay Critch heating up, there's plenty more Flipp Dinero music out there for you. Check it out and watch his freestyle above.

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