Japanese clothing brand Bape held a private press preview yesterday at their SoHo location in New York with the Flatbush Zombies for the 10th anniversary of the popular clothing brand.

During the event XXL sat down with the Brooklyn rap trio and the Zombies spoke with us in detail about their Bathing Ape collab—set to drop April 25—the importance of the brand in streetwear culture and their next musical project. The "Thug Waffle" MCs revealed to XXL that their highly anticipated EP, It's All A Matter Of Perspective, has been scrapped and will no longer be coming out.

"The EP got scratched, alright guys? So for all the publications, It's All A Matter Of Perspective EP was scratched," Zombie Juice said. When asked what fans could expect in 2015 now that the EP was scratched, Juice and Meech responded, "Expect an album this year." When asked if frequent collaborators The Underachievers would be a part of the project and Meech added, "No features. I love The Underachivers, but there are no features on this album. Unless they learn how to sing."

The crew has been busy lately, dropping a series of tracks throughout March and adding their flavor to Bodega Bamz' recent album Street Exec as well as participating in an upcoming documentary on New York's underground hip-hop scene.

As of now, details remain scarce on the Zombies' upcoming project, but stay tuned for our full interview with the Flatbush Zombies on their Bape collab and the influence of the Japanese brand in the States next week. And keep a look out for the Brooklyn trio's Bape capsule collection dropping this Saturday at Bape retailers.