Fivio Foreign is one of New York City’s bubbling Brooklyn drill rappers. He’s made a name for himself since dropping his regional hit “Big Drip” in the summer of 2019. With high-profile collabs on songs with Drake ("Demons") and Nas ("Spicy"), his track "Wetty" proving he has more solo hits in his catalog and an appearance on Lil Tjay's "Zoo York" keeping his voice ringing throughout the Big Apple, he's solidified his spot as a 2020 XXL Freshman. If there's one thing he's known for other than his music, it’s his humor. You can often find him showing off his comedic side on Instagram. And, you see just that in Fivi’s version of XXL's ABCs.

While watching a video of someone reciting the alphabet may seem weird, when Fivio Foreign's doing it, it’s pure entertainment. Fivi says the hilarious things that come to his mind for each letter. The 2020 XXL Freshman starts off exactly how fans would expect him to, “B, bow,” he says, referring to his own ad-lib. “F, Fivi,” then he goes into how he got his rap moniker. "I got my name ’cause my man Dot called me Fabio ’cause, like, feel me, I was good with the bitches...," he adds. "I ain't know who Fabio was, right, so I thought he was sayin' Fivio." The 29-year-old artist is referring to popular 1990's Italian actor and model Fabio Lanzoni.

As Fivio gets further along in the alphabet, things gets funnier and funnier. He finds a way to incorporate something about himself in almost every letter of the alphabet. “I, intelligent," he states. "I am intelligent, little do y’all know."

“M, movie,” Fivio shares before telling the story of how and why he ended up using that word—repeatedly—as both an ad-lib in his music and everyday conversation. "One day, I was just drunk... I make everything up when I'm drunk," he begins. "How I started using movie, I just felt like everything was a movie. Like the cameras was out, I saw the lights. I said, 'Nah, this is a movie. We goin' viral.' And I kept it like that."

When he gets to P, Fivi pays respect to his friend and fallen rapper, the late Pop Smoke.

If you want a good laugh, watch Fivio Foreign’s ABCs below.


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