The Final Four round of XXL’s Baddest Chick In The Game Tournament has officially begun. Advancing from the Elite 8 are Kimbella, Rihanna, Lauren London and Keyshia Dior.

In the Wifeys and Exes bracket Kimbella, the No. 8 seed, defeated No. 3 seed Alicia Keys to move on.  Out of the Rhythm & Booty bracket the No. 1 seed Rihanna defeated No. 3 seed Cassie.

Rihanna will be squaring off against the Kimbella in the Final Four.  Kimbella is no stranger to taking down No. 1 seeds after she beat Beyonce in the earlier rounds.

On the other side of the Final Four, the lowest seed left in the tournament, No. 10 seed Keyshia Dior, will be facing off against No. 5 seed Lauren London.

Keyshia representing the Candy Shop bracket like Kimbella took out a No. 1 seed in Melyssa Ford in the Elite 8 to advance to the next set of games. On the other side Lauren London representing HollyHood defeated Somaya Reece who had been a No. 15 seed.

The player to keep your eye on without question is Kimbella.  She has taken down higher seed after higher seed and it will be interesting to see if the Cinderella can pull off the upset in advancing to the Championship round.

The Championship round will begin this Monday, April 4. —Michael Naclerio

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