Felly, a long haired kid from Connecticut, has been crafting some of the best new music on the Internet. The 20-year-old, who's currently in his senior year at University of Southern California, has a SoundCloud page that is littered with songs with over a million plays. The biggest is "Desert Eagle," which caught fire this summer and is currently getting spins on the radio. Young Fel is making some serious moves.

"When I go back to school, I’m just going to be working and trying to meet up with artists," he said over the phone to XXL. "I’m trying to pass school because we have a tour late fall early winter. That’s like 30-plus stops."

Drawing from a number of genres of music, Felly released his album, This Shit Comes in Waves, last July and followed that up with his new EP, Young Fel, last month. Now, Felly is looking to not only get his diploma but jump on everyone's radar. Find out more about the rising rapper's come up here.

Name: Felly

Age: 20

Hometown: Trumbull, Conn.

I grew up listening to: "I started off listening to a lot of reggae music and I got into sampling like hip-hop. I was always wondering where [hip-hop] got those old school sounds. I kept hearing songs from the 1960s and 1970s. I’m amused at the fact that [hip-hop] could revive those sounds so I started to get into a lot of jazz and Motown and Bill Evans. I just started trying to make beats and that morphed into me sitting there crafting music."

"Atmosphere was a big group because they did the same thing, they always tried had throwback samples and we’re really cool. Bob Marley is definitely one of my biggest inspirations ever just because of his movement and how he just touched people. Rage Against the Machine was also one of the biggest ones. At first I was really into like Rock and shit but that just how it was when your were a antsy white kid in middle school and then when I heard Rage it gave me the energy to want to spit just because he was rapping on those rock anthems."

"I was always like writing songs and messing around doing parody raps and just joking with friends and freestylin’ and dumb shit. I think I really found my way when I was making beats. You sit with the beats for a really long time and things just kind of came."

"It was in eighth grade I won this YouTube competition with my boys where you had to submit a song. We made this parody song and it was called “Condoms” it was this auto-tuned dumbass song about a condoms breaking. We won a Nintendo Wii. I flipped it and split the money with my friends, we made like $100 each. That was big because I said to myself, “Yo I can make some money from this I don’t want to do any of other shit.” I started selling beats and realized I could pay for what I do from making beats. It was working and I love it so I wanted to keep going."

Most people don’t know: "I’m really into producing. I’m not just another dude trying to spit on other people’s beats and trying to get famous real quick."

My style’s been compared to: "I get compared to a lot of white artists just because I’m white, like Mac Miller. I used to get compared to lot more people before than I do now. Now I’m on my own shit where I can’t really get compared to anything. I would describe my sound as a fusion of hip-hop, feel good shit, reggae, jazz and al little bit of trap combined. It’s tough to describe."

My standout records or moments to date have been: "'Probation' was a song that put me on the map. The first lines are like, 'Once I finish school I take you on a tour' and then like a month after that we had people hollering about trying to book us on shows all around the country. It was kind of funny because I’m still in school, I’m about to be a senior at USC and I study music there. Now it’s like scratch that because we’re going on tour and I’m still in school so we’re going to have to figure that out. These last couple of months with the last couple of hits. People really fuck with 'Desert Eagle.'"

My goal in hip-hop is: "I just want to move the people sort of what [Bob] Marley did, as far as getting people to really be a wavelength of love and positivity. I think there’s just so much negative shit that people are trying to take different angles in the world. I just want everyone on wave of just love and feeling good. I want to loft people up and change the art a little bit."

I’m gonna be the next: "I want to move people like Marley."

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This Shit Comes in Waves

"City Boy Blues"

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