Back in the summer, Father released a cheery record called "Heartthrob." The Awful Records leader has returned to the track for a new music video directed by Ramez Silyan.

"Many of my past music videos have either been a mix of light-hearted and wicked or completely dark and fucked up like 'Suicide Party,'" he told The FADER. "For 'Heartthrob,' I wanted something more bubblegum-y. The production on the song is so adorable, anything else wouldn't have done it justice. Ramez is the homie and after his work on 'Big Emblem Benz,' I just let him do his thing on this one. The result is something that looks more like Wes Anderson meets Toilet Paper Magazine."

The video does a great job at capturing the playful vibe. The visuals are simple, which makes them feel right at home alongside Father's carefree rhymes.

"Rock with it, lean with it/Styrofoam with lean in it/Party not popping unless my whole fucking team in it/Glenwood, hitting juugs/Niggas wish that they was good/But niggas couldn’t keep it real/But I don’t hold no ill will/I ain’t got no ana, and you ain’t got no stamina/So nigga don’t you come at me/We know you ain’t got no family/You ain’t got no crew/Cause they don’t keep it real with you/Niggas keep it real with me/Despite all of my savagery,” Father raps.

Father just launched his American Heartthrob shop, which features some gear inspired by the video. Order the items while you still can as they'll only be available for a limited time.

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