Fat Nick is owning up to his role in possibly influencing his fans to use drugs. On Saturday (Jan. 12), the Miami native seemed to have a personal epiphany before hitting up his Twitter timeline to issue an apology.

"Looking at stuff out of my perspective. If I ever influenced you to do drugs I’m so sorry and that was never an intention," tweeted the Generation Numb rapper, who's got songs like "When The Lean Runs Out" in his catalog. "I use my platforms as an open diary. Stay far away from them and if you’re on them quit sooner than later ,you have to one day."

The apology comes a few months after Russ called him out for exploiting drug addiction for money. However, Nick opened up about his own drug addiction and said he doesn't put others down for suffering the way he does.

"I talk about what I know I know what’s it’s like to have addiction cause yeah I have one," Nick tweeted to Russ back in September. "I tell kids learn from my mistakes and don’t do em I’m very open But I never call kids losers which is what you do and put them down And you still talked shit about peep when he passed."

Read Fat Nick's apology below.

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