Chris Brown and Soulja Boy‘s beef doesn’t seem like it’s coming to an end any time soon. Now, with a pending boxing match set to supposedly occur at some point this year, the beef between Big Draco and C. Breezy has provided for some great entertainment so far, which will hopefully be resolved in a positive manner.

If you recall, the beef between Brown and Soulja Boy stems from the time the "Turn My Swag On" rapper liked one of Karrueche's Instagram photos, according to Draco. Afterwards, both Chris and Soulja would exchange jabs at one another via Instagram, with Soulja later apologizing to Brown for starting the beef. However, shortly after the apology, the beef between Soulja and Chris reignited even more after acclaimed boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. proposed for both artists to handle their beef inside of a boxing ring.

Now, weeks removed from the initial beef, it looks like the boxing fight between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown may go down this spring, according to Mayweather Jr. And while details on the possible boxing match are still unclear, it looks like Mayweather will be training Draco for the bout while legendary boxer Mike Tyson will help with C. Breezy's training.

The beef between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown is still going strong. There are plenty of people on team Breezy for this potential boxing fight, while others are siding with Big Soulja. XXL hit the streets of New York to ask rap fans their thoughts on the beef as well as who they think will win in the highly publicized boxing match. Check out what the fans had to say above.

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