One look at the syrupy-sweet-skinned cutie, Morena Entertainment model Mia Milano, and it’ll immediately register why she was handpicked for videos like Nelly’s “One & Only” and Rick Ross’s “Magnificent.” Each title describes the New Jersey doll, who is wifey material made of Spanish and Asian splendor. Hats off to both Pimp Juice and the Boss for understanding that, whether you’re stressed trying to reenergize your career or prevent one of hip-hop’s most powerful from obliterating it, Mia is the perfect

tension reliever.

Nelly drops an R&B video, and you’re the only feature. Then you’re in Ross’s video as John Legend’s leading lady. You got a thing for singers?

[Laughs] Funny thing is, I was cast [for “Magnificent”] about 11:30 the night before and told I was selected based on Nelly’s video. I found it to be weird, considering I didn’t even [audition] for the video.

What was your favorite scene from Ricky’s video?

My favorite would have to be watching the horses with John Legend as he is singing. He has a phenomenal voice. I played John Legend’s girlfriend in the video, which was a bit awkward, considering his real girlfriend was there. But business is business!

So do you have a thing for Nelly?

I remember watching Nelly’s video “Ride Wit Me” and saying to myself, “Oh my God, he’s fine! That should be me in that video!” [Laughs] I told my mother, “One day I’m going to be that girl in the video.” She laughed it off like, “Sure, Mia.” So when I received notice that he personally chose me,
I made sure she was the first to know.

So do you have a “one and only”?

Unfortunately, I don’t. I do have a crush, but it’s hard dating in this industry. You’re stereotyped by the actions of others. When you have to prove what you’re not, it takes away from who you are. So, in other words, I am single!-Bonsu Thompson

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