I’m pretty sure y'all remember a couple months ago when I talked about women in hip-hop, and how we get no respect because everyone seems to think the only way women can make it in this industry is if we bend over and pose for an explicit photo op. (If not, CLICK HERE for a refresher). Well, that thought process certainly hasn’t changed in the three months since then, so today, instead asking women why they think provocative imagery is the only way they can survive in hip-hop and yelling at the men for provoking that thought process I’ve decided to help the women of hip-hop in a different way. Today’s lesson, five tips on what not to do when trying to be an XXL Web Candy.

NOTE: For those that get it confused, there's a big difference between Eye Candy and Web Candy—besides the names of course. Eye Candy models are the hottest lead girl in a current rap video and gets featured in the actual magazine with a photo shoot and interview. Web Candy, on the other hand, is for the up-and-comers trying to get a leg in the game. They submit their own photos and each week we post one lucky girl for you guys to rate.

By now it’s no secret that I, a female, fields a lot of the submissions before going to the guys in the office for final word on the sultry curves that come across your computer screen every Thursday. Let’s face it, sometimes we (women) have better taste than you do. Over the course of doing this I've seen some hot girls and a lot of not girls. So with that in mind, I felt the need to offer up five tips for any aspiring models to help give them a better chance at being clickable on the Web Candy pages and stay clear from public humiliation in XXL’s offices.

1) Don’t take pictures of yourself in front of your mirror like you’re posing for your next
Facebook profile – we’ll laugh, then move the image to the trash. High quality trumps quickness.

2) Don’t send one picture - a headshot – and think you will be reviewed and accepted off
that – no one cares about just your face. Sorry, you need more options.

3) Don’t send in pictures that you’re best friend not only encouraged you to take but actually took – amateur photography is not cute.

4) Don’t Photoshop your head onto someone else’s body and think we won’t notice the
difference between the color of your face and the color of your “ass.” Also, use Photoshop sparingly—not too much and not too little.

5) Don’t think that you’re a model just because your mother told you so – school can be
for everyone.

***FREEBIE*** DO NOT show me your yahoo, we are not a porn site!

If you follow these top five tips you’ll save yourself a lot of embarrassment and you just might have a chance. —Amber McKynzie

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