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Meet Jhonni Blaze, the latest breakout star from Love & Hip Hop: New York. You’re welcome.
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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of XXL Magazine featuring Meek Mill and Rick Ross on the cover.

Jamaica, Queens native Jhonni Blaze is keenly aware of her new found fame as a starring cast member on Love & Hop Hop: New York. Far removed from her days primarily spent on Instagram where her name (and 38 different IG accounts!) became notorious for showing off her singing abilities, exotic dancing skills and sinful 34-26-48 curves.

“More support, more fans, that’s what I’ve gained,” says the 24-year-old African-American and German vixen. “You know people are going to say negative things, but the positives overrule.”

Now focused on using the social platform to showcase her musical talents as a singer, Blaze is prepping to drop her independently released EP in March, Cut From A Different Cloth, while working to shed any negativity attached to her brand. “My life is my music,” Jhonni says. “Not just because I’m pretty with a pretty body, phat ass or whatever, but because people will say, ‘She has talent, I like her music, I would pay and watch her at a concert.’”

The world is watching and listening.

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XXL: What’s the meaning behind the title of your EP, Cut From A Different Cloth?
Jhonni Blaze: It’s called Cut From A Different Cloth because I’m not showing just one genre of music; I’m showing multiple ’cause I’m into [multiple]. So you’ll be able to relate to a lot of things with this EP—love and pain and tears and struggle.

And happy ish, too...
And happy shit. But think about it, the two main emotions people go through are happiness and heartbreak. So, I channeled into that, which I’ve gone through.

You mentioned multiple times throughout your Eye Candy photo shoot that you were happy, so you must be in that mode now.
My life is changing and I’m becoming a better person. I’m not becoming the person the public and social media has made me out to be and I’m showing that gradually. Not for them, but for myself and I feel good, I feel happy inside.

Before Love & Hip Hop: New York, did you have an issue of how you were perceived?
Yeah. I did it to myself, but mostly because I know I’m a way better person than what people make me out to be. Not bragging, but I put my heart into it. Like giving back to the poor, giving money to different foundations, homeless shelters and taking care of my family, saving my money and investing in my music. There are a lot of positives that I do, but they’re overlooked by the negative that I gave off to people.

Keeping it on a positive and lighter note, who approaches you more, men or women?
I actually had a low fan base with women and now it’s bigger than ever. I have many women walk up and just feel my butt. They’re probably on some, “I’m a girl so you won’t slap me...so I’m going to feel on your ass.”

They’re still invading your space, though.
Now if I have security on me, and sometimes I do, it would be different. But you can’t be so stuck up. It’s life. If it’s in a certain environment, yeah, I have a right to say stuff. But I’m a very open spirit.

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