Mike Will Made It protégé Eearz inked a deal with Interscope Records today (April 7). The Atlanta rapper's mentor might have made a mistake by sharing a video of Eearz on Twitter after the deal was signed.

Eearz is the latest rapper to be seen performing on top of a table in a conference room for room full of record label employees. The video brings up memories of the cringe-inducing scene that occurred when Bobby Shmurda signed a deal with Epic Records just two years ago.

It is understandable that Eearz would be very excited about getting his record deal, but the video just makes things look quite awkward. A fresh, new talent performing on top of a table while a bunch of bored onlookers stare at him just makes for an uncomfortable sequence to view.

Outside of the awkwardness of this video, Eearz becoming an official member of the Eardrummer Records roster is a stirring prospect. Considering what Mike Will Made It has done for the duo Rae Sremmurd, Eearz appears to be in good hands.

Eearz first made a name for himself last year with the free EP Eearz To The Streets Volume 1. He also got some recognition after his single "Work Ya Muscle" appeared in the hit movie Creed. The Atlanta rapper has a far different approach from the infectious party vibes of his fellow Mike Will Made it protégés Rae Sremmurd. Eearz's material is much more gritty and intense.

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