Eearz is not only taking fans back to his Eearz To The Da Streets Vol. 1 EP, but also looking back at his own life. The Atlanta goes on a trip down memory lane in the music video for his song "If You Knew Better."

The "Showing Love" MC looks at old photos and spends time with his family in this reflective video. While laying on an assortment of pictures, the Mike WiLL Made-It protege spits about the obstacles he overcame in life on his way to making it in the music industry.

"All these tears and the rain hit my window pane/Can get wet up even in a drought/See that made me who I am today/What O.G. taught, I can't live without/Pool full of money, I'ma cannon ball/Prepared to fall, it's a long way down/I prefer to have the better things, ain't have no shit at all/All eyes on me, odds against me/Assed out, psyched out/Don't tempt, I'm losing interest/Living life relentless, mama save ya son, he out here sinning/This game of life, I spin the wheel/I'm living fast, too young to be in such a rush/Rose that grew up out of the concrete and dog shit/I made diamonds from dust," Eearz raps.

Watch Eearz's "If You Knew Better" video below. Also make sure to check out his Eearz to Da Streets Vol. 2 mixtape if you have not already. A combined version of volumes 1 and 2 is currently on sale on iTunes.

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