Local heads will point to a vibrant crop of up-and-comers, but there remains a curious dearth of Boston hip-hop artists on the national stage. Dutch ReBelle is looking to fix that. Last fall, the wildly charismatic Beantown native put out a daring, dynamic record in ReBelle DiariesToday (August 20), she revisits that LP, dropping a new video for the song "I Know." The J Hunt SmokeHouse Media-directed clip tries to position ReBelle as a colorful eccentric, painting her with a white base and a series of black roses. Beyond that, the clip for "I Know" is interspersed with footage of her performing and shots of classroom lectures. As she previously told XXL, education has influenced her greatly: "As far as how Ive been moving through the industry I feel like my education gave me confidence. My education gave me the confidence to be in a room with people who are more advanced [in their careers]. Its like being a freshman and knowing all the seniors. It makes me care more about the project that I’m putting out. I attack every project like it’s a book and every record is a chapter."