It's been over two years since DRAM released his debut album Big Baby DRAM, which is a lengthy hiatus considering the rate of musical output these days. Fear not, DRAM fans. A new LP is on the way.

On Saturday (Dec. 29), the Virginia entertainer gave hints of things to come in the new year while fielding question from fans.

"I’m tryna hear more from @BIGBABYDRAM in 2019," one Twitter user posted.

"You most definitely will✨," the "Cha Cha" rapper replied.

He offered a little more details in the answer to a follow-up query. "My biggest question is when are we going to get another album from @BIGBABYDRAM ????" a fan pondered.

"2019 I swear," DRAM assured.

DRAM definitely left fans wanting for more this year. He only put out one project, the That's a Girl's Name EP in July. The release only featured three songs.

Over the summer, his appearance in a new Adult Swim cartoon alongside Vince Staples was teased by The Boondocks producer Carl Jones on Twitter. Writer/media personality Giana Lawrence, actress Quinta Brunson and writer Judnick Maynard are also said to be involved in the project. "New T👀N Coming Soon! #AdultSwim @bigbabydram @vincestaples @gsagenius @quintab @judnikki," read the caption for the post.

DRAM is hoping to return to his successes of 2016, which saw him release the seven-times platinum single "Broccoli" featuring Lil Yachty.

Check out DRAM's message to fans below.

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