Even though Drake often gets ostracized for his r&b demeanor, Drizzy has cemented himself as the premier go-to artist in music. While many applaud Drake's ability to seamlessly pen records, he often gives credit to his vocal coach, Dionne Osborne, for her input regarding his singing capabilities. It's stated in the story that Drizzy told Cortez Bryant, Lil Wayne's manager that Osbourne "changed his life."  During an interview with Jezebel, Osborne marveled at Drake's improvement as a singer and went far enough to call "Karaoke" her favorite Drizzy record.

"He was basically a baritone," says Osborne eluding to when she first met Drake. "I don't remember exactly how high he could go in his tenor voice, maybe up to a middle D? We've probably stretched him up to a G#, and he's gained his falsetto range, probably a whole other octave. I love that, I think a guy's falsetto is the coolest thing in the world: it's such a different timbre and sound."

She also spoke highly about his air of confidence as an artist, and why the 6 God is fearless in terms of taking chances.

"He's not afraid to experiment even on tour. He's pretty brave. He really has brass balls. I don't know how anyone can really make fun of Drake, because he makes more fun of himself than anyone else. He'll do whatever."

Then, she spoke on her favorite Drizzy record, dating back to his 2010 debut album Thank Me Later.

"You know, vocally, I love, love, love 'Karaoke.' So beautiful. I love the groove and the melody. And he sounds so smooth!"

You can check out the rest of the interview with Dionne Osborne here.