Ruff Ryders OG Drag-On had a crowd ready to go crazy when he took the stage at a concert in Atlantic City, N.J. this past weekend. Unfortunately, the audience didn't really get to hear from the rapper, as he collapsed a short time after the show began. See Drag-On moments after he's collapsed in the video below.

In the video, which comes courtesy of TMZ, Drag-On, who threw a diss record at The Game last year, can be seen shouting toward the crowd and preparing to launch into a song. In the next clip, we see the rapper laid out on the ground and being attended to by several people.

According to TMZ, Drag-On complained about having trouble breathing because all of the weed he smoked the day before. After going into the crowd, he tried to gather himself and prepare to rap again, but he struggled mightily.

After attempting to take the stage to jump back into his performance, Drag-On collapsed and had to be taken away in an ambulance and placed in the emergency room. Things didn't look too good for the rap game veteran.

Luckily, he turned out to be good. TMZ reports the rapper told them he collapsed as a result of being dehydrated after a lengthy studio session the night before.

As far as we know, this setback won't prevent Drag-On from accompanying the Ruff Ryders 20th anniversary reunion tour.

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