Former Death Row singer Michel'le's biopic, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge and Michel'le, aired last night (Oct. 15) on Lifetime. In the famous words of poet laureate Paul Wall, it had the Internet going nuts.

Seeing the trailer, in which Dr. Dre and Suge Knight are shown as abusive to women, was wild enough, but actually seeing the entire film, which definitely doesn't show the good Doc or Suge in a good light, was a whole other story.

Before the movie even aired, Dr. Dre threatened to sue Sony Picture over his negative depiction.

The legendary producer had his lawyers send Sony a cease and desist letter, with the threat of legal action if the film airs in its current form. In the letter, Dre says he never abused Michel’le and points out that she never hinted that he was a violent person in the 30 years since they’ve dated. Dre alleges the light-voiced singer never went to the hospital or filed a police report to back up her claims.

Clearly, his legal team's threats didn't work. The movie aired in full Saturday night (Oct. 15) and the toll could be damaging to Dre's public persona and future business ventures.

During the airing of the movie, people took to Twitter to sound off on Dr. Dre and Suge Knight's portrayal. Let' just say this film might have changed the perception of Dr. Dre for a lot of people.

Check out a gallery of people's Twitter thoughts on the film, above.

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