Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has been away from the spotlight for a minute. His last musical release was October 2014's STN MTN, with the comedy writer turned rapper turned ambiguous renaissance man hard at work as he developed his show Atlanta for FX. While fans got a sneak peak at the show back in February and again in April, those watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals got an extended look at Glover's vision as well as a premiere date.

In the above clip, Glover and two friends walk the streets with stilted dance like motions as those around them, including cars, move backwards. Tame Impala's "New Person, Same Old Mistakes" plays during the promo spot, though hip-hop fans may instead hear Rihanna's "Same Ol' Mistakes," which is a cover of the 2015 original. The video ends with the promise of a September release, though no exact date is specified.

Atlanta will focus on Earnest “Earn” Marks (Glover/Gambino) who returns to Atlanta after failing to make a career out of his artistic aspirations. Once he returns, Marks discovers that his cousin, Paperboy, has become ATL’s new big act. Gambino spoke with Deadline as to why he decided to center his show in Atlanta.

“I know it’s going to be very easy for people to say ‘It’s a black Mecca,’ and it is, but I just think that it’s the most American place,” he said. “Everybody there is like ‘Yo, I got a verse.’ Everybody is trying to make something from nothing. I believe everybody has a situation, and I wanted to show real people in real situations… I wanted to make it a regional thing.”

The series is set for a 10-episode run this fall. Watch the latest TV spot up top.

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