The dog is free to roam. After about two and a half months behind bars, DMX was releases on Friday (Sept. 25) and greeted by a group of fans, family and well wishers. The Ruff Ryda rapper was all smiles as he exchanged dap and hugs with people standing outside the jail as TMZ cameras were on hand to capture the footage.

The rapper was released more than three months early. As previously reported, X was sentenced to six months in jail back in July over an issue of unpaid child support. He was initially arrested on June 26 in New York City just before his planned appearance at Masters of Ceremony, an old school hip-hop show that took place at the Radio City Music Hall. He reportedly owed about $400,000 in unpaid funds in Erie County and there was a warrant out for his arrest.

According to TMZ, X stated his early release was the product of a problem with the original conviction and he was never notified that he owed money. He reportedly has another upcoming hearing on the matter, and if the courts find out he actually did know about the owed money, it could be back to the slammer.

DMX has had a drama filled year which recently included his son trying to sell his platinum plaques on eBay. Hopefully Dark Man X can lay low at least until the ball drops.

Check out the video of Earl's heartwarming return to society, below.