There is no denying DJ Quik's status as a California rap veteran. The OG is back on his old sh#t, literally. Quik is working on his ninth studio album, his first since 2011's Book Of David, and says he will reach back from his early career for inspiration. "I just got a budget opened for me for my ninth album, my ninth studio album," he recently told Extended Play. "I'm channeling DJ Quik from 1989. I'm sampling my old shit and thinking like the old DJ Quik from 1989. I'm biting me from then."

According to Quik, not only will the sound of the LP be reminiscent of his earlier works, he also plans to take a care-free concept with the content as well. "I won't be impressed until I sound as youthful and naive as I used to," he added. "I don't want the smarts anymore. Smarts don't really work. Smarts are boring. In music, sometimes, you just gotta throw caution to the wind, say, 'What the fuck,' and do what you feel."

Check out the entire interview, below.

[via HHDX]