DJ Paul went all the way off at a recent show in Memphis, threatening to go on a shooting spree following the concert.

The Three 6 Mafia co-founder was performing at the 901 Fest in his hometown on Saturday (May 27), when, according to TMZ, he started having major sound issues. In video captured of the show, Paul is 38 hot as he paces the stage with no music playing.

"They know who the king is, so they gon' pull bullshit like this," he says addressing the crowd. "They don't want the music to be loud, 'cause they want it to be bullshit to y'all. But you better realize what the fuck is going on. What Ima do tonight is Ima ride by some motherfuckers houses. And Ima shoot some motherfuckin' houses up tonight. That's what the fuck Ima do. Bitch ass niggas. Don't fucking play with me."

Fans, and even some of the people in the rapper's entourage, are puzzled by the awkward outburst. As the set goes on, more sound issues arise. Paul then starts a chant going at local DJ, Devin Steel, urging the crowd to yell, "Fuck Devin Steel," in unison. The show goes on, but eventually the power in the venue goes out while Paul is in the middle of performing the hit song, "Poppin' My Collar."

Check out video of the botched set below.

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