The Drake vs. Meek Mill saga won't stop. In the latest development, DJ Drama's ex-wife Summer Walker aka Summa P took to Twitter and claimed Drama was the man who gave Meek Mill the infamous reference tracks.

Drama had been speculated and rumored as the source behind the reference tracks, but nothing concrete ever emerged and the talk had died down. Now, it's bubbled up again as Walker went on a bit of Twitter rant and DJ Drama was target of her fury.very messy Twitter squabble between DJ Drama and his ex-wife, Summer Walker. The situation between the Drama and Summa seemed to start over an alimony payment that DJ apparently owed Walker. Walker claimed Drama told her he gave Meek Mill the Drake reference track to make him feel better. According to Walker, Quentin Miller would not work with Meek Mill. That last part is a strange twist in the escapade that is the Drake and Meek Mill beef.

Meek Mill seemed to be ready to reignite things with Drake as he recently dissed him again at a concert in his hometown of Philadelphia. But the MMG rapper seems to have switched his attention to Wale, so who knows where this latest revelation will take things.