DJ Carnage and Deadmau5 almost got into an altercation at Cemetery of Sound concert in Calgary, Canada, Friday night (Oct. 27).

Both sides are giving different accounts of the event, with Carnage going off in a series of visceral videos. According to TMZ, Carnage wanted to confront the producer about his tour manager supposedly talking trash. Then things went left.

"Deadmau5 just pushed me, then he called like 80 fucking cops to come take me out," Carnage said in a video he posted about the incident. "Come on, you're a fucking pussy Deadmau5. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I can't wait to see what you come up with, bro. We got it on video, bro. You pushed me, nigga. You pushed me. I didn't even fucking touch you. You're a pathetic fucking bitch."

He added in another clip, "This is a moment where people like us, the people who hate smart-ass dumbfucks, stand up. Deadmau5, he got so spooked, he ordered about 20 security guards, because I just finished my set, he was playing after me. And then I said, 'What's up Joel, you got anything to talk about?' Because his tour manager was talking shit to Fresco. I said, 'Yo, Joel what's up?' And he tried to shove me. What a scared little bitch."

Deadmau5 has since responded to the claims on two fronts. He posted a picture of two men transporting a trash bin on Twitter, along with the caption, "Actual photo of @djcarnage being manhandled out of the venue by security for being a piece of shit."

In a Reddit post, he claims Carnage waited for him after his set was well over with, to try to start some trouble. Mau5 also alleges Carnage is the one who started the scuffle.

"[Carnage] makes a fuckin dash in front of my security dude (stupid idea) to shove his dumb fucking ass in my face to yell 'OH WHATS UP JOEL WHATS UP,'" Deadmau5 explained. "Of course i just kept walking, and Security dude, drew, put his arm out to keep that fucking moron out of my face. as i continued up the stairs, i could hear the fray behind me... carnage made the stupid mistake of pushing a security guy... yeah. dumb. and then a whole shitload of event security more or less got involved because he was acting like such a fucking baby, screaming threats, being an all around disrepectful piece of shit asshat."

Check out Carnage's rant and Deadmau5's post below.

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