Las Vegas native Dizzy Wright won the People's Choice vote in the 2013 XXL Freshmen class as a result of his consistent buzz from his Smokeout Conversations album and The First Agreement mixtape. Even after he won that spot, Dizzy continued working. He dropped The Golden Age mixtape to critical acclaim. Now, a year removed from being crowned as one of the top Freshman last year, we sat down with Dizzy to speak on the significance of winning the 10th Spot vote, his dedicated fan base and the projects he's working on this year. Independent livin'.—Marvin J.

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On Winning The 10th Spot:

Dizzy Wright: I guess it puts you in that position to feel like you put in enough work to be labeled as [one of] the Top 10 Freshmen in the whole damn world... you had to obviously put in that work. It felt good. Ever since the XXL shit, I've just been real active. I was active before, but that made me want be even more active. I [definitely] reaped the benefits of it, you just gotta work, work, work, and not really worry about how it all falls into place, but just know that it's gonna happen. But it's been all good for your boy since then.

It definitely [was] a big surprise, you know I'm from Vegas, we don't got no big rappers from outta here. I'm probably the biggest rapper to ever come out of Vegas and that XXL shit kinda solidified that. I was just super pumped about it because I followed the XXL Freshmen shit for a while, all the way back in 2010 with Wale, and it just felt good to be a part of it.

On His Fan Base:

I feel like they know that I work, they know that I work hard, and I fuck with the people that fuck with me. I'm always on the road, always online, I've just been engaging for a long time. A lot of my fans is family now, and I treat 'em like that. I give respect, I get it back. It was something that I wanted, and I put it out there, and I let my fans know that it was something that I wanted, and because they knew that I wanted it, they made it happen. The whole Funk Volume movement plays a big part of it.. It's all organic. This shit is built fan by fan. And that's the way we like to keep it.

On The Pressures Of Being The Biggest Star Out Of Las Vegas:

I don't take no pride in it, I don't feel any pressured at all. I just do my thing. God has his plan for me, I've always been a leader, so if [God] wants me to be a leader in this game, that's what I'm gonna be. It's nothin’ for me, I'm just gonna be myself. I use my music to reflect on the things that I'm confident about, or what I've learned in life, or what I'm learning. I put that out for niggas to eat that up and live and learn from that shit. [The way I look at it] if you don't feel it, they not gonna feel it. I might be on top for forever, I might not, but I'm gonna always do it, and I'm always gonna be love, so that's just the way I look at it.


On His Upcoming EP State Of Mind:

It's just some thoughtful shit where I'm at. I feel like it's some shit that's good for the world, something [where I] can attack it different. I'm just excited about it because I'm getting better, more polished, learning my craft, and growing. You can hear it in my music. I always like to leave myself room to grow, and it's just a better Dizzy Wright. So I'm excited about it. I don't [have a release date yet], I'm actually just loading up, and getting all my shit right so we can just do it the right way. [I ust want to] make sure we prepared for everything. Just tryna be on top of things before I drop it.

On Whether Or Not He Will Drop Album This Year:

I'm dropping that shit this year. Everything that I do is in for promotion for that album. Everything that I do for the rest of the year, all my moves is gonna be built around making that album as big as possible. State Of Mind is just the beginning of that, lighting a fire with that.

On His Basketball Skills And The NBA:

[Laughs] ”Man, I’m super nice. I’m a lefty. I got a J. I got buckets for everybody in the world. I used to hoop in high school, that was my first passion. Then I became a daddy, straight away got the music shit poppin. But recently I got back in the gym, just tryna spread my fingers, make sure it hit the net. On Mar. 15 at SXSW I’m gonna be in the basketball tournament, last year Trinidad Jame$ won, but we winning this year! I’m gonna give everybody buckets!

I’ve loved The Miami Heat since Lebron went there, but I just enjoy basketball, I just enjoy teams. I’ve been an Allen Iverson fan, and been rockin' since he's been rockin'. But I really like the Pacers this year.

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