They say South by Southwest has changed throughout the years, and though there's truth to that, this year's festival had a trace of raw energy that previous years lacked. Denzel Curry was partially to thank for that.

Aside from having one of the livest sets we saw in Austin last week, Denzel also spit an impromptu freestyle on the street for hangers-on to gawk at. Above you can see a quick freestyle session that Curry finishes with a bang.

"Niggas is treacherous, lil' niggas ain't hard god/All you niggas comin' up short like Lord Farquaad," spit Curry before dropping the invisible mic and walking off into the crowd like nothing happened. Naturally, his fans go wild after the short spurt of rhymes.

By the looks of it, the kid had a great time at SXSW, and he dropped his new album Imperial just before the festival kicked off. Smart move.

It's been a blessing to watch the young MC grow from a Raider Klan underling to an independent sensation. He's so hot in Florida, Rick Ross even had to jump on the LP version of "Knotty Dread." His new album Imperial delivers on what Denzel Curry fans have come to love - hard, teeth-gnashing raps to mosh or even kick back to - with an upgraded sense of songwriting and mood. Outside of Ross, Joey Bada$$ and Twelve'len, there are no other features to be found on the project. Even better, he didn't put it on any retail outlet. He just dropped it on Soundcloud.

Hear his quick SXSW freestyle above and spin Imperial below.

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