Congratulations are in order for Denzel Curry. According to Billboard, the 2016 XXL Freshman just signed a distribution deal with independent label Loma Vista Records.

The 21-year-old Florida rapper tells the publication that he'll retain creative control under the new deal. Curry describes Loma Vista as an "extended family," and in the distribution deal, he'll own the master recordings of his music. Denzel also says he plans on re-releasing his Imperial mixtape with two new songs - “Me Now," produced by DJ Dahi and “Goodnight” produced by FNZ. Later this year, he's also going to drop physical copies of Imperial, including a rare release on vinyl.

Curry tells Billboard, “I went to several labels and pretty much I had weighed out my options with each label and [saw] what they wanted from me. And Loma was the only one that stood out to me [in] that they didn’t want the same things that all the other labels wanted. They wanted to really work and put effort in what I’m doing because they see we could do it on our own. So they just wanted to be the machine behind us.”

In other Denzel-related news, the Carol City rhymer also landed a song placement in a July adidas commercial. More recently, Curry linked up with Joey Bada$$ for their "Zenith" music video. Curry spoke with Urban Outfitters about how he teamed up with Bada$$, saying, “When I was doing that song, I was writing it in the car and then I presented it to Joey when we were on tour together. He was like ‘Yeah, I’ll get this done.’ It took a couple weeks, but we eventually got it done. We were originally supposed to record another song but we weren’t able to meet up. I got really sick when I was in New York so we were like, ‘Forget it, let’s just leave it how it is. Let’s just do 'Zenith.'‘ We could’ve done something better. But all in all, with or without the music, we’re still fam. We don’t have to do music ever again, that’s my dog.

In case you missed it, listen to Imperial right here, and scroll down to watch Denzel freestyling during Flying Lotus' III Points Festival.

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