Denzel Curry is gearing up for another major return to music, as he prepares his TA13OO album for fans. The Carol City rapper stopped by Tim Westwood's Capital XTRA radio show in London, U.K., and his freestyle video and interview were uploaded over the weekend (May 26).

The "Uh Huh" entertainer starts off by spitting a mean four-minute freestyle over Scarface's "Guess Who's Back" instrumental, where he calls out some of the fake people that he's come across over the years.

"Ballin' a part of me, I departed with my scholarship/Heart of a lion, niggas be lying to be hard as shit," he rhymes. "Watching them fall off is like a victim of a starter kit/Sit back and feel it while these other niggas politic."

During the interview, Curry briefly discusses his forthcoming album, which he says will have features from J.I.D, singer Billie Eilish, Zillakami and GoldLink.

"This album about to be the best album I ever made," he says. "I'm actually feeling great right now. Vibe is great."

The rapper also talks about his recently-released song, "Percs," where he calls out new wave rappers who promote pill-popping and the use of drugs.

"I don't fuck with Percs," he states. "I barely fuck with Earth. I don't fuck with none of that shit. I'm not judging nobody if you fuck with that. I don't judge nobody. If that's your way of like, being you, then by all means do it, but...when it becomes everybody feels like they have to do it, that's when you have to step in and say something."

There's no confirmed date just yet on when Curry's TA13OO will be hitting our ears, but Westwood claims it's coming "sooner than you think" at the end of the interview.

Check out Denzel Curry's freestyle and interview with Tim Westwood in the videos below.

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