Denzel Curry has dropped some crazy freestyles in the past. The 2016 XXL Freshman busted out another one during a recent appearance on Power 106's The Cruz Show. This time around, the Florida rhymer unleashed a batch of impressive rhymes over Monica's "So Gone" instrumental.

"I'm not from Queens, but I'm with the Havoc/The holiest one, I might as well be a tennis racket/Silly rappers, I smack around any challenger/Y'all boys weaker than a paper thin calendar/Flow is early July because I spit cancer/Head till I'm dead, your girl is a necromancer/Head like a neck, a real neck-romancer/Women come in different colors like I want a Fanta," Curry rapped.

Curry has carved out a significant lane for himself while staying independent. The skillful MC told XXL that he simply values the freedom that comes with being an independent artist.

“I feel like I’m just staying in touch with what I’ve been trying to do for a long time,” Curry said. “Like if I went to a major, you never know, what if they don’t like the stuff I do? I could just get shelved. And then I’m stuck in a contract and I can’t leave. And if that happens, you’re gonna realize, you’re going to start hating it, so the power with being indie is you could do whatever you want. It’s freedom. Everybody wants freedom, you don’t want to be shackled, especially as an artist. Nobody wants to be shackled at the end of the day.”

Curry's success has also given increased exposure to his C9 collective. Make sure to check out XXL's feature on the members of the C9 crew if you have not already.

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