Denzel Curry is back in his bag. On Thursday (Sept. 20), Power 106's The Cruz Show uploaded video of DC freestyling over Goodie Mob's "Fighting" beat.

In the video clip, Curry gets straight to the point, showing off his lyrical dexterity over the Organized Noize-produced track.

"The night is dark and it's kinda airy/I only see the trap like the Home Alone series," he snaps. "One eye open on me, call me Nick Fury/Trap phones on me, I don't trust Siri/Serious as a serial killer for milk/I want access to the world like a tilt/You won't understand me 'til you have a set of stilts/Niggas put the skirt on that's when they get kilt/It's like the Chronicles of Narnia and Chronicles of Riddick, that will be the darkest closet that you walked in in a minute."

Don't sleep on "Percs" rapper's bars.

Curry is coming off releasing Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3 of his Ta13oo album. He explained the motivation behind the project to XXL. "There’s certain things that are taboo and certain things that you don’t like to talk about and I go through the whole thing of really examining who I was from my childhood and from this newfound fame and even losing it to a certain degree, like, me falling off to really reflect on myself," he said.

He is already back working. In August, Curry revealed he is prepping a follow-up project.

Watch Denzel Curry spit flames over Goodie Mob's "Fighting" beat below.

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